Career Coaching

I’m at a point in my career where I have an impressive title, I’m making very good money, and I’ve accomplished more than I would have expected to at this age.  But I feel like ‘is that all there is?’   I really want to take time to figure out what my next move is.

What is Career Coaching?

Where executive coaching focuses on performance in the arena of work or business, career coaching puts a spotlight on the type of work that you are engaged in and its alignment with who you are as a person, and then do the planning to make the change.

There is flexibility in delving into and among topics such as: personal values and motivators; work and avocational skills and interests; changed priorities; lifestyle choices and impact on your chosen career; health and wellness; work/home life balance; enjoyment and life’s purpose; positioning your messaging; relationships to cultivate and develop; your image and reputation; resume development; interview preparation; offers negotiations; and onboarding — these are all appropriate topics.

Career Coaching Benefits

Our career coaching clients have achieved benefits, including:

  • Targeted role and work culture aligned with current core value system and motivators
  • Clarity around work and personal life prioritization
  • Confidence in collateral and self-presentation
  • Readiness to outreach and build network in new targeted career direction

These are only some examples of how career coaching can be of value. 

Other Coaching Service

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on optimizing performance in work, business, and also home life.

Selena Tan
Selena Tan, Founder. Photo by Chris & Annie Stevens.
Founder and Coach

Selena Tan

Selena P. Tan is an Executive and Career Coach, and the Founder of O Positive Coaching. Selena is passionate about learning, innovation, and fun. She brings this spirit to accelerating clients’ professional and personal growth using evidence-based and cross-disciplinary tools and methods–getting to the heart of the matter while injecting a healthy dose of enjoyment.

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