Catalyzing Success Through
Executive & Career Coaching

Fast-Track to Growth

Whether you seek:

  • improvement on a specific derailer or a sea change
  • for a high-value employee or for yourself

O Positive’s skilled coaching will fast track the growth process. We work with Executives and Senior Managers on leadership presence, critical decision-making, succession development, and personal performance.

Building on strengths, we add in-the-trench experience and evidence from research, saving you frustration, missteps, and delays to the desired growth.

Outcome-Focused Coaching

Our clients have achieved long-term benefits, including:

  • Access core motivators to set aligned goals and execute on business objectives with ease;
  • Expand capacity for uncertainty, experimentation, synthesis, and inclusive diversity;
  • Recognize impact of thought and behavioral patterns on outcomes and relationships; and
  • Shake out of mindset ruts for true work, career, and life satisfaction.

Strictly Confidential and Objective

Trust, objectivity, and skill are at the root of our coaching. When you can speak and strategize freely without fear of judgment and in full confidence, you will find yourself able to take on your toughest challenges.

Selena Tan, Founder. Photo by Chris & Annie Stevens.

Sample Testimonials

Clients say that coaching with Selena has enabled them to:

“Get clarity on my true wants and needs.”
“Have ‘light bulb moments,’ where finally the light goes on and I get it.”
“Develop tools and come up with solutions to help me overcome obstacles.”
“Create a ‘how-to-get-there’ map for myself, beyond just the next steps.”
Hear what one client had to say:

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Coaching is available by phone or web conference at your convenience.

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