I couldn’t have done it without you, Selena!”

CEO of pharmaceutical company
Cambridge, MA
Honestly, before coaching with you, I don’t think I ever would have applied for this position. It would have seemed too big and daunting…instead of accepting the challenge to make a real difference in my life…”

Jean D.
“Having Selena as a Coach has truly been an invaluable experience… Her coaching has helped me to have what I would call “light bulb moments,” where finally the light goes on and I get it. She allows me to formulate my own conclusions but gives me the tools to do so… I never thought I was the type to need or want a coach, but now I know that everyone can benefit from a coach. I think of Selena as a puzzle grand master (if there is such a thing.) I feel like my life is sometimes a 1,000-piece puzzle and I have touched all of the pieces, but she is the master that is helping me put all the pieces together. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Selena as a Coach. She has changed my life for the better and I truly appreciate all that she has done.”

Jill Jefferson
Vice President & Web Communications Manager
JPMorgan Chase
New York, NY
“Your input, suggestions and structure are quite valuable for what I want to do, which is develop good habits around life-work balance. You are action-oriented and I am results-oriented, so you’ve helped me create a “how-to-get-there” map for myself, beyond just next steps. The thinking involves creativity and possibility, which I really enjoy. I would absolutely, without reservation, recommend Selena to people I know who are ready to make some life changes.”

Vice President & Web Communications Manager
JPMorgan Chase
New York, NY
“Selena was able to find a way to connect with me early on in our work together — in a warm, but professional way, which allowed me to open up to the process…we came up with the plan of action together, which really helps because if she had come up with it on her own, then I would not have learned the thought process and would be left to linger when our time together was over….
Selena was also punctual and I never felt shorted or rushed during my sessions (e.g., in situations with some professionals, when the clock strikes twelve, the conversation ended mid-sentence, but I never felt this way with Selena).
I would definitely recommend Selena’s services to people — as a matter of fact, I already have, but her docket was full, at that particular point in time, so I’ll have them try again in the near future…I believe she is fully committed to working with a wide variety of individuals and wanting to help them get over hurdles so that they can go to the next level of growth, whether it be in the professional and/or the personal area of their lives.”

Susan M.
New York, NY
“My favourite part of the coaching sessions is when Selena helps me to see something differently. The moment when something suddenly becomes clear and I think, “oh I never thought of it like that” is very eye opening. It is very easy to become stuck in a rut and see no escape. Selena helps to shed light on new directions and offers great suggestions. Coaching is helping me see ways to improve my life in various aspects including career, love, life and family. I think one of Selena’s key skills is her non-judgmental manner… I can see as the sessions progress that Selena is understanding the way my brain works more and more and is adapting her methods to best suit my needs and keep me motivated and on track… Selena is punctual to all sessions and follows up with any task documents and comments very promptly.”

Angela W.
“You’re the Red Auerbach of coaches!”
“It’s important to have a game plan, set goals and find the time to follow through with them. [Without Selena’s coaching,] I would not be taking time out for myself in order to follow through with my hopes and plans. She is passionate about what she does in a very gentle and caring way. She takes the time to check in with you and double check that you are staying on track regarding what was agreed upon at previous discussions.”
Boston, MA
“In my personal life and professional life, I have examined, assessed, thought about and analyzed until the cows came home. Working with Selena has helped me to bring those internal conversations out into the open. As a result, I have been able to take a step back and look at my current situations (career choice and realizing creative success) more objectively. She has helped me to develop tools and come up with solutions to help me overcome obstacles (perceived or real) that have been impeding my progress…I would and I have recommended Selena to friends…because she has helped me tremendously during a challenging time in my life. Selena’s personality is warm and encouraging, so you feel comfortable discussing your feelings without fear of being judged.”
K. Haley
Brooklyn, NY
“I highly recommend Selena as a coach. She moves easily between supporting personal and professional goals, enabling you to prioritize. She possesses a wonderful sense of humor, able to laugh at herself and life’s predicaments. As a result, you feel comfortable in sharing openly and honestly what’s on your mind. It even helps you to laugh at the sometimes crazy things going on in your life!
Selena offers a broad perspective and tools (e.g., assessments) that provide additional structure and insights… Instead of rushing headlong into something that looks superficially appealing, I’ll be much more deliberate in pursuing a path that satisfies my interests and needs, as well as integrates well with my other priorities.”

Medford, MA
“I worked with Selena Tan over the course of a summer during which I was in the midst of significant changes in my work and way of life, moving across careers and continents from North Africa to the USA and then to Germany. Her counsel was essential to my decision-making and to establishing the confidence I needed to make these transitions…  Ms. Tan’s approach to coaching is full of good humor and empathy while remaining completely down-to-business. But it is her rare and invaluable talent for sensing the significance of details you’re not aware of yourself that makes her a truly excellent coach.”
Frankfurt, Germany
“Selena’s astute observations, focused questions, support and flexibility have helped me to better clarify my needs and priorities, and understand and access my own motivations. Through our talks and exercises, I have defined both short- and long-term goals in a more thorough way than I ever have before, and am learning how to systematically attain my goals. I am much kinder to myself as I tread through unfamiliar territory and am gradually reducing negative thoughts that used to get in the way…
I think anyone who struggles in one or more areas of their life can benefit from working with Selena. She can help you discover what prevents you from living the life you want and successfully meet challenges.”
Cambridge, MA
Coaching Services

Outcome-Focused Coaching

Our clients have achieved long-term benefits, including:

  • Access core motivators to set aligned goals and execute on business objectives with ease;
  • Expand capacity for uncertainty, experimentation, synthesis, and inclusive diversity;
  • Recognize impact of thought and behavioral patterns on outcomes and relationships;
  • Developed meaningful cohort relationships to enable greater sense of partnering and belonging; and
  • Shake out of mindset ruts for true work, career, and life satisfaction.
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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching focuses on optimizing performance in work, business, and also home life.

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Career Coaching

Career coaching puts a spotlight on the type of work that you are engaged in and its alignment with who you are as a person.

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