Executive Coaching

What is executive coaching?

“I’m usually pretty confident about how to approach most problems I come across, but there are certain situations when I feel like I’m at sea, when there’s no one I can turn to help me think things through, to help me articulate what’s getting my mind into a twist.  That’s what I’d like help with.”

If you are in charge, external and internal demands and changes keep you constantly on your toes.  Further developing your current capabilities as a leader with experienced coaching can broaden and deepen your self-awareness, clarify your vision and goals, sharpen your decision-making, and increase your flexibility and capacity to influence others to achieve higher performance.

Can coaching work for a team?

Absolutely! Team coaching involves a combination of individual and in-team coaching. This leverages learning and growth at the individual level with in-the-moment and contextual practice to ensure that new ways of thinking and interacting continue after coaching ends.

Reap these Benefits:

  • View yourself, others, and situations from different and useful perspectives.
  • Communicate with and relate to others to build greater trust.
  • Maintain calm and confidence when meeting new and/or greater responsibilities, challenges, and goals.
  • Prioritize, delegate, and execute with greater ease.

Coaching Can Help Your Team:

  • Move from struggling against each other to working in synch.
  • Communicate within and outside the team with timeliness, relevance, and clarity.
  • Develop trust and openness necessary to yield measurable results.
  • Clarify and link individuals’ mission, values, and goals with those of the team and company/organization.
  • Develop a culture of greater learning, creativity, and productivity.

These are only some examples of how executive coaching can be of value. Contact us to inquire about how coaching can apply to your specific situation.

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