Where are all the interesting singles?

In this new year, I’ve begun to do something different.

I’ve been going to a lot of different networking events and business meetings in which I don’t know the attendees.  I say “a lot” but it’s only one or two per week–that’s about as many as I can handle.

In doing so, I’m meeting people who I wouldn’t usually encounter, but I’m meeting them in known contexts.  I’m finding that there is usually at least one person who is interesting to chat with:  the more you find out about that person, the more you have to talk about.  The ones who are not so interesting–well, you just drift away from gracefully.

One expectation that I’m not going into these events or meeting with is that I will come away with any specific benefit other than getting comfortable putting myself out there, without excuses, without a shtick–just being me.  And the more I do it, the more easily it flows.  In fact, I’m coming away with more than confidence because I usually do meet and connect with some interesting people outside of my regular circles.

So where are all the interesting singles?  They’re out there, just outside of your regular circles.  The challenge is to put yourself out there.  It may even be fun.

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