What’s Your Attachment Style?

In my life coaching class, the trainer pointed us to an online self-assessment site administered by UPenn’s Dr. Martin Seligman, who heads their Positive Psychology Center.

There is one test that may be useful in your dating life because it gives an easy-to-understand result along with a short explanation of what it indicates.  Go to the Authentic Happiness site here, register, and then take the “Close Relationship” questionnaire — be sure to read and follow the instructions.  The tests are free, and you can see the results right away.
If you find that your attachment style fits with how you envision a good long-term relationship for yourself, then you can be glad that your style is naturally on the right track.
If you find that your attachment style is problematic for or sabotages your vision for a good long-term relationship, don’t lose heart.  Be glad to learn what you don’t want in a relationship, and then you can begin to consider making some changes to counteract your natural tendency.
If you’re already in a relationship, see if your partner would be willing to register and take the test with you.  If nothing else, it can spark discussions about what comes easily versus what is difficult in the relationship, and maybe lead to ideas for what you can both do differently to make things work well.
Let me know whether you find this useful!
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