What’s that Twinge I Felt?

by Phil Roeder

Confession: I made a series of misstep today.

First, I left my house and didn’t realize that I forgot my cell phone.

Second, I stay at one meeting later than I meant to because I didn’t have my phone to check the time.

Then, I showed up really late for my next meeting with someone who was kind enough to give fundraising advice for a startup nonprofit for which I’m a board member. Of course, I didn’t have my cell phone with me to warn her that I was running late.

With one dopey mistake, I created confusion for her and made a lousy impression of me and the nonprofit. I felt a physical twinge of guilt + embarrassment + stupidity while making my way there, and it continued to linger even after we met.

My lessons learned today: 1. check bag for important items before leaving the house. 2. My internal gauge for whether or not I’m on the right track still works very well.

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