“Selena was able to find a way to connect with me early on in our work together — in a warm, but professional way, which allowed me to open up to the process…we came up with the plan of action together, which really helps because if she had come up with it on her own, then I would not have learned the thought process and would be left to linger when our time together was over….

Selena was also punctual and I never felt shorted or rushed during my sessions (e.g., in situations with some professionals, when the clock strikes twelve, the conversation ended mid-sentence, but I never felt this way with Selena).
I would definitely recommend Selena’s services to people — as a matter of fact, I already have, but her docket was full, at that particular point in time, so I’ll have them try again in the near future…I believe she is fully committed to working with a wide variety of individuals and wanting to help them get over hurdles so that they can go to the next level of growth, whether it be in the professional and/or the personal area of their lives.”

Susan M.
New York, NY

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