“Having Selena as a Coach has truly been an invaluable experience… Her coaching has helped me to have what I would call “light bulb moments,” where finally the light goes on and I get it. She allows me to formulate my own conclusions but gives me the tools to do so… I never thought I was the type to need or want a coach, but now I know that everyone can benefit from a coach. I think of Selena as a puzzle grand master (if there is such a thing.) I feel like my life is sometimes a 1,000-piece puzzle and I have touched all of the pieces, but she is the master that is helping me put all the pieces together. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Selena as a Coach. She has changed my life for the better and I truly appreciate all that she has done.”

Jill Jefferson
Vice President & Web Communications Manager
JPMorgan Chase
New York, NY

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