Much more fun than online dating

I was asked recently about the efficacy of online dating, and for those of you who read my blog, you already know that I have a lot of reservations about online dating.

Instead, I want to suggest an alternative that cuts out a lot of neurotic behaviors and should be a lot more fun.

If you’re convinced that you haven’t met interesting people nearby (i.e., in the same state,) maybe you should try a standing social + activities group.  For example, I came across a group recently on called Social Fun.  For a joining fee of under $6/year, you get to go to locally-organized activities like hiking, eating out, dancing, kayaking, etc.  The premise is that you meet someone interesting, have fun doing something together, and maybe you’d like to see the person again without the pressure of having to decide whether you’re dating or not.

Wow!  No second-guessing whether your profile picture and write-up are doing you justice, face-to-face versus virtual interactions from the start, safe because there are others with you, meet a number of people rather than be trapped with only one stranger, and in a no-pressure environment where the only expectation is that you all have fun.  And, if you’d like to see someone again, just suggest to him/her that you both show up at the next event.  Sounds like a good plan to me!

P.S.  Check out any group’s description, leadership, members, and fees first to make sure that they’re legit and isn’t a front set up to sell you something you don’t want.

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