Fathers Do Matter!

parenting fatherhoodWhen my daughter was a baby, my husband confessed to feeling quite useless for the first couple of months.

It wasn’t until she began responding with smiles and gurgles that he felt like a true father.

Recently, a longitudinal study by researchers at University of Oxford, Milton Keynes Community Health, and University of Reading reported that children whose fathers were the most disengaged and remote starting at age three months were more likely to show behavioral problems at age one.

The other aspect of the results, although the researchers recommended additional study, was that the effect on boys appear to be stronger for externalized behavior problems than for girls, even when controlled for the mothers’ interactions.

So all you fathers out there who have any doubt of the importance of your attentiveness to that new lump of a baby (or two, or three):  not slacking off in the early stage will be worthwhile later on!


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