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Reasons People Drown in Chronic Stress

Today, I heard a repeat of a 2011 segment on the NPR show, Here and Now, called “What You Don’t Know About Drowning.” Francisco Pia, who used to lifeguard at Orchard Park in Western New York, observed that the popular conception of someone in the throes of drowning is the opposite of what real...

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Who Am I? Really?

It’s really difficult to look at yourself with any objectivity when you’re you. It’s why we don’t easily take the lessons learned from others and say: “yeah, that’s exactly what I’m going through so I’m gonna take that advice you’re so kindly off...

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Innovative AND Fun!

For a couple of hours on some Thursdays, I volunteer at the Advice Booth at Venture Cafe. The Cafe is housed in the Cambridge Innovation Center at One Broadway, on the 4th floor. After registering when you arrive, you can meet a wide variety of like-minded people who are passionate about innovation,...

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Time Management or Values Management?

My clients are some of the most well-educated, accomplished, and interesting people out there. They know about self-discipline, hard work, and staying focused. In fact, they’ve been doing it through their youth, in school, and in their work. They’ve succeeded in their businesses or in th...

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Stretch Adventures for a New Year

I don’t subscribe to the idea of starting new things at the new year because it generally implies that you’re putting off starting earlier. The new year can act as an artificial barrier to jump-starting what you may as well begin right away. Another way to look at it is: is there any goo...

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The Art of Building Capacity

When we run out of ideas or energy, we can’t always pull the lever and get more. Or can we? You won’t get good at doing this overnight, but yes, one can expand the internal capacity to generate more ideas and re-energize. Here’s something to get yourself started. Notice that you...

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Learn From the Unexpected

In general, we’re brought up by our parents and taught in schools to be risk-adverse. We’re taught to behave in a conforming, predictable way, following rules so that we will get expected results and not alarm anyone. This is also reinforced in most workplaces by managers and coworkers, ...

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Trust Begets Trust

When I started in my career (and earlier on in my personal life,) I did not give trust willingly or easily. I felt that others had to earn my trust, and until they deserved it, I wasn’t going to give it. While this worked fine in general back then, it did require that I be […]

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Reinventing Yourself

The individuals who end up engaging me as a coach are generally highly ambitious, capable, and well-respected in their fields. They seek out coaching due less to a sense of failure or incapacity, but more due to their recognition that asking for help will not diminish them in any way.  I believe th...

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Where are all the interesting singles?

In this new year, I’ve begun to do something different. I’ve been going to a lot of different networking events and business meetings in which I don’t know the attendees.  I say “a lot” but it’s only one or two per week–that’s about as many as I can h...

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