Meaningful Fun

Bicycle Love

I’ve always had the attitude that my bike is just a workhorse:  usually a second-hand vehicle to get me from one place to another, maybe not a perfect fit for me, but there when you need it.  When necessary, I’ll fix a punctured tube and put a little grease on the chain. Being someone ...

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Throw Yourself in the Mix

A few days ago, I was asked by a new grad where I got the confidence to start my own business. My answer at the time was that over the past 24 years of working for other people, I’ve gotten a lot of experience as an intrapreneur: getting new things started, turning lousy situations around, [&helli...

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Innovative AND Fun!

For a couple of hours on some Thursdays, I volunteer at the Advice Booth at Venture Cafe. The Cafe is housed in the Cambridge Innovation Center at One Broadway, on the 4th floor. After registering when you arrive, you can meet a wide variety of like-minded people who are passionate about innovation,...

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The Art of Building Capacity

When we run out of ideas or energy, we can’t always pull the lever and get more. Or can we? You won’t get good at doing this overnight, but yes, one can expand the internal capacity to generate more ideas and re-energize. Here’s something to get yourself started. Notice that you...

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Beat Back the Tell and Help Monster

I had a rambling discussion yesterday with my daughter during which we agreed that it is a great thing when we can share our observations openly with someone, including all the interesting complexity, contradictions, and emotional component, without that person reducing the observations into a narro...

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Introducing: Selena’s Favorites List!

I was feeling like something is missing from this brand spanking newly redesigned, smells-like-it-just-came-from-the-factory, website, and then I got it! My own Favorites List page where I can post about things that I’m excited about and want to share that may or may not have anything to do wi...

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Reinventing Yourself

The individuals who end up engaging me as a coach are generally highly ambitious, capable, and well-respected in their fields. They seek out coaching due less to a sense of failure or incapacity, but more due to their recognition that asking for help will not diminish them in any way.  I believe th...

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Much more fun than online dating

I was asked recently about the efficacy of online dating, and for those of you who read my blog, you already know that I have a lot of reservations about online dating. Instead, I want to suggest an alternative that cuts out a lot of neurotic behaviors and should be a lot more fun. If […]

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