Family history

Breaking the Bad

As much as we like to believe that as individuals we have unlimited capacity–for fun and excitement, for work, for learning–the truth is that at some point, we top out or run into a wall. Miraculous as we human beings are, there is a built-in, self-protective mechanism that says, “...

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Fathers Do Matter!

When my daughter was a baby, my husband confessed to feeling quite useless for the first couple of months. It wasn’t until she began responding with smiles and gurgles that he felt like a true father. Recently, a longitudinal study by researchers at University of Oxford, Milton Keynes Communit...

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The Oriental Wife, some thoughts

In honor of the blog reaching over 1,000 views, I’m expanding the scope of the blog beyond dating. ¬†Hopefully you’ll see even more content to interest you! I just finished reading the novel, The Oriental Wife, by Evelyn Toynton, and found it remarkable. A quick read, the narrative flows...

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