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I’ve always had the attitude that my bike is just a workhorse:  usually a second-hand vehicle to get me from one place to another, maybe not a perfect fit for me, but there when you need it.  When necessary, I’ll fix a punctured tube and put a little grease on the chain.

Being someone who hates waiting around, my bike relieves me from having waste time getting to public transportation, and then waiting for it to show up.  If it’s less than an hour’s ride, warmer than 24 degrees, isn’t raining or snowing heavily, and what I carry fits into a backpack, then I generally opt for my bike.  And the nice thing is I’m not adding to gas consumption on the road.

photo 1 After getting my down jacket covered in salt and mud again after a messy ride a couple of weeks ago, I decided to get the bike over to Hub Bicycle Co. (where they do only bike servicing and don’t shame you for not knowing whether your tube has a Schrader or Presta value) for a tune up + to be refitted with some bells and whistles I didn’t know I needed.  So check it out:

splash guardsFirst, new,  plastic tire splash guards: No more mud all over my back when it’s wet or snowy out, and lightweight so it’s still easy to carry up and down the basement stairs!

photo 2


Second, new shifters with gear indicators:  No more getting confused about whether I’m shifting up or down, and that annoying clicking is gone.  Bonus is that my knees aren’t achy after a longer ride with a bunch of hills.

photo 3Third, new extra-efficient breaks:  Stops me completely in an instant, instead of the spongy slowdown over 5-seconds.  Now I just have to get used to not flipping over from stopping too fast….

lightFour, front light with side projection and easy off tab: So motorists can see me from the side, and to replace the one that was stolen last fall.

Five, new front tire because, as old friend Mark R, said once, the old one had become a “balloon.”

Six, a thorough cleaning.  Before it went in, the frame was encrusted with mud and salt from the road, and frankly, I’m not good about 2

Seven, new handgrips.  Erich tells me that they’re sectioned off so I can put in cool colors if I wanted to.

photo 1

So now it’s not just a workhorse, but transformed into a sleek workhorse that’s a smooth and responsive ride, looks great, and is a joy to fly on.  Yes, sir, I love my bike.


photo 4Thanks to Emily and Erich at Hub Bicycle!

photo 2

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