The Art of Building Capacity

Art-o-mat, Las Vegas, by Selena Tan

When we run out of ideas or energy, we can’t always pull the lever and get more. Or can we?

You won’t get good at doing this overnight, but yes, one can expand the internal capacity to generate more ideas and re-energize. Here’s something to get yourself started.

  1. Notice that you’re at empty:  don’t get frustrated or annoyed with yourself–step out of your usual grind and acknowledge that you’re coming up with nothing at the moment.
  2. Take a break:  this is hard for some of us, but removing yourself from where you’re stuck is a sure way to get your blood pumping and mind clearing.
  3. Shift your attention:  while you’re taking the break, shift your senses to what’s around you–look at something totally different, hear the sounds around you, smell for what you hadn’t noticed before, open your mouth and taste the air, touch a different texture and notice how it feels.
  4. Notice what you need:  Are you tired?  Hungry?  Stiff?  Thirsty? Worried?  Frustrated?
  5. Take care of your need:  Close your eyes and nap for 10 minutes; eat that cup of yogurt; stretch your limbs or do jumping jacks; walk down the hall and take a drink of water; breathe slowly and deeply for 5 minutes; go find your colleague or your friend who has time for you and share your problem.
  6. Go back and give it another whirl:  see what happens.

BTW, this is entirely scalable. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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