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The Art of Building Capacity

When we run out of ideas or energy, we can’t always pull the lever and get more. Or can we? You won’t get good at doing this overnight, but yes, one can expand the internal capacity to generate more ideas and re-energize. Here’s something to get yourself started. Notice that you...

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What’s that Twinge I Felt?

Confession: I made a series of misstep today. First, I left my house and didn’t realize that I forgot my cell phone. Second, I stay at one meeting later than I meant to because I didn’t have my phone to check the time. Then, I showed up really late for my next meeting with someone [&hell...

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Breaking the Bad

As much as we like to believe that as individuals we have unlimited capacity–for fun and excitement, for work, for learning–the truth is that at some point, we top out or run into a wall. Miraculous as we human beings are, there is a built-in, self-protective mechanism that says, “...

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