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How to get to know a stranger quickly

A couple of days ago, I had a really interesting discussion with Alma about the challenges of getting to know people in the academic classroom setting, when it’s the only place where you have contact. I think a couple of the points from our discussion are applicable to the dating scene, especi...

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The difficulty of getting beyond the superficial stuff

I remember receiving the printed “face book” the first day I arrived at college. This was before the Internet was popularized, when the equivalent of online dating was through personal ads in newspapers. I’m sure that most of us in the class made conjectures about our classmates’ likabil...

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Happy Couple = Highest Performing Team?

This is one of my favorite subjects, hands down.I love happy couples — they radiate good stuff to others:  good smiles, good feelings, homes that are comfortable to others, good arguments, good stories.   Some even have well-trained pets and/or raise good kids.  You want to spend time with ...

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