O Positive Coaching Approach

What to Expect

  • Use assessments to get focused on your style, values, and motivators; corporate sponsored clients should also expect to have 360 feedback interviews with a follow up at the end of the coaching
  • Declare your desired outcomes
  • Reflect on and discuss complex or sensitive aspects of the challenge that you face
  • Brainstorm to generate options
  • Make decisions and SMART goals
  • Track actions taken
  • Adjust original plans to iterate for effectiveness

Client comments about the O Positive Coaching approach:

  • Analyze from the outside in while listening intently with an open mind
  • Ask focused and key questions
  • Make observations about patterns and nuances
  • Elicit in depth considerations, from different angles, and with more options
  • Flexibly adapt methods to best suit the situation
  • Help develop action-oriented plans, checkpoints, and monitor progress
  • Use evidence-based resources to provide support, structure and insight

What results has O Positive Coaching produced?

  • Light bulb moments; seeing and interpreting things differently.
  • Renewed ability to step back and look at situations objectively.
  • Recognition of new options and directions; seeing new ways to improve various aspects of life.
  • Surprises, stepping into unfamiliar territory, creativity and possibility.
  • Bringing internal dialogue out into the open; gradually reducing negative thoughts; finding relief in discovery.
  • Clarification of interests, needs and priorities, and the ability to understand and access personal motivations.
  • Identification of path to success; staying motivated and on-track; focusing on completing actions to improve life; systematically attaining goals.
  • Learning to celebrate successes along the way, and having a lot more fun.
  • Reaching the next level of growth.

What about location?

Coaching is done via videoconference, with initial meeting onsite/in Cambridge, so location is not an obstacle, as a number of clients are located in other parts of the U.S. or the Globe.

What do clients say they like about working with founder, Selena Tan?

She is honest, direct, clear, compassionate, warm and encouraging, full of good humor, insightful, thoughtful, and non-judgmental. She moves easily between supporting business, professional and personal goals.

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