Maurice Sendak

How he lit up my life with his stories and drawings–stark and funny and sad and defiant and passionate.  My daughter’s face in deep concentration as she studied the pages of the Nutshell Library, and three-year-old voice singing, “boiled up a pot, of chicken soup, and swallowed it...

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Where are all the interesting singles?

In this new year, I’ve begun to do something different. I’ve been going to a lot of different networking events and business meetings in which I don’t know the attendees.  I say “a lot” but it’s only one or two per week–that’s about as many as I can h...

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Happy Couple = Highest Performing Team?

This is one of my favorite subjects, hands down.I love happy couples — they radiate good stuff to others:  good smiles, good feelings, homes that are comfortable to others, good arguments, good stories.   Some even have well-trained pets and/or raise good kids.  You want to spend time with ...

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