Coaching with O Positive

Coaching is a forward-looking, action-oriented process that focuses on moving the client toward greater flexibility and expansive way of thinking and acting. Many have characterized it as “growing their toolkit.” Clients have used coaching to problem-solve a specific challenge or to develop long-term management strategies for a span of competing demands in their work life and career.

In collaborating during this process, the client drives the agenda and the coach provides observations and guidance. O Positive Coaching uses evidence-based research on what’s effective for adult learning and behavior change.

Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy, psychiatric, or medical care; referrals will be provided when possible.

A usual question about coaching is “how long will it take?”  Clients generally coach anywhere from four to six months or longer, with the actual length of time dependent on the client’s goals, availability, energy level, and focus to follow through on critical commitments.  If you are highly motivated then coaching can move rather quickly.

Read testimonials to see how others have benefited from coaching, and Contact us to inquire about how coaching can work for you.

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